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Cavilon Durable Barrier Cream 92g
Cavilon Durable Barrier Cream is an effective barrier against irritation from body fluids such as urine and faeces and prevents skin damage associated with incontinence. 
RRP :£13.84
Comfisure Thermoplastic Hot Water Bottle is a great value, high quality hot water bottle made from PVC that comes with a 3 year guarantee. 
RRP :£3.79
The Male Urinal Bottle is made from sturdy plastic and has a snap on lid to prevent spillages - perfect for travel as well as use at home. 
RRP :£3.99
Ideal for use in bed or sitting in a chair, the Multi-Purpose Over Bed Table is great for reading, eating and a variety of other tasks. 
RRP :£39.99
The PillMate Large Multi-Dose Weekly Pill Dispenser is suitable for up to four times daily medication for one week or for four weeks of once daily medication. A medication record card is included. 
RRP :£4.50
The Printed Folding Walking Stick folds up into 4-sections, so it can be neatly placed into a handbag or briefcase when not in use. 
RRP :£9.99
The Raised Toilet Seat raises the toilet height to make sitting on and getting up off the toilet easier. 
RRP :£19.99
Ideal for use on car seats, chairs and beds, the Rotary Transfer Cushion allows a smooth and easy swivel transfer without painful jarring or twisting, and can be left in place to provide comfort for the user. 
RRP :£12.99
Scholl Softgrip Class I Below the Knee Closed Toe Compression Hosiery
Scholl Softgrip Class I Below the Knee Closed Toe Compression Hosiery treats and prevents varicose veins in pregnancy and superficial varicose veins and provides therapeutic relief from mild leg pain. 
Ideal when you are out and about, the Shopping Trolley With Fold Down Seat holds up to 30 litres of shopping and provides welcome relief for your aching feet. 
RRP :£25.99
TENA Lady Pants Discreet Large 5s
TENA Lady Pants Discreet provide effective protection for women with a weak bladder. 
RRP :£3.99
TENA Men Protective Shield 14s
TENA Men Protective Shield is the most discreet product in the range and is suitable for small leaks. 
RRP :£4.49
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