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CareSens N Blood Glucose Test Strip 50s
These strips don't need manual coding and are designed to work with the CareSens N and the CareSens N POP meters. 
CareSens N Lancets 0.46mm/28 Gauge 100s
Sterile lancets for single use with CareSens N blood glucose monitor. 
CareSens N POP Blood Glucose Meter
Ideal for anyone needing to test very frequently and/or in low-light conditions. 
Tee2 Blood Glucose Meter
Tee2 Blood Glucose Meter is ideal for people with uncomplicated type 2 diabetes, including those on insulin, and is accurate to the latest standards while still being affordable. 
TEE2 Blood Glucose Test Strips 50s
TEE2 Blood Glucose Test Strips are for use with TEE2 blood glucose meter. 
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