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Blephagel 30g
Blephagel is a preservative free eye care product for the daily hygiene of sensitive eyelids. 
Blephasol Lotion 100ml
Blephasol is an aqueous cleansing solution designed to be used by Blepharitis patients for daily eyelid hygiene. 
RRP :£11.49
Blink Lid-Clean Cleansing Eye-Lid Wipes 20s
Blink Lid-Clean Cleansing Eye-Lid Wipes clean, moisturise and soothe eye-lids. 
Healthpoint Spectacle & Lens Wipes 50s
Healthpoint Spectacle & Lens Wipes offer quick drying, smear free cleaning of spectacles and a range of optical devices, including mobiles phone screens, cameras, binoculars and mirrors. 
iCare Cleansing Eye Wash gently cleanses and soothes tired and gritty eyes, leaving them cleansed and refreshed. 
RRP :£1.99
Optrex Multi Action Eye Wash is specially developed to gently wash and soothe tired and uncomfortable eyes and provides sensitive and moisture replenishing relief for eyes irritated by dust, grit, smoke etc. 
RRP :£4.99
Optrex Multi Action Eye Wash can help to ease tired and uncomfortable eyes caused by contact lens wear, driving, computer use, manual work, smoky or polluted environments. 
RRP :£6.99
Systane Lid Wipes 30s
Systane Lid Wipes gently cleanse eyelids and remove eye make-up to remove debris that can cause irritation. 
Xailin Wash 20x5ml
Xailin Wash is a sterile, single dose eye wash for eliminating foreign bodies that irritate the eye such as sand, midges, dust, pollen and fragments of make-up to ease the discomfort. 
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