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O'Tom Tick Remover Hooks (Twin Pack)
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O'Tom Tick Remover Hooks (Twin Pack)

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O'Tom Tick Remover Hooks are a safe, easy and painless way to remove ticks from both humans and animals.
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O'Tom Tick Remover Hooks

O'Tom Tick Remover Hooks are a safe, easy and painless way to remove ticks from both humans and animals.

Ticks carry a number of diseases that can be very dangerous to humans and animals and only need a couple of hours to infect their host, so the quick removal of ticks is essential. O'Tom Tick Remover Hooks are small enough to be easily portable so you can easily take it with you in your wallet, car, first aid kit, rucksack, handbag or bumbag.

It is important that ticks are removed correctly. Simply pulling the tick will leave parts of the mouth behind, and aggressive techniques such as burning, using chemicals (e.g. alcohol, oil etc.) or squeezing it with fingers or tweezers may induce saliva regurgitation. This saliva can cause infections and/or allergies. O'Tom Tick Remover Hooks avoid these risks by using the old method of twisting the tick, thus reducing the chance of disease transmission.

O'Tom Tick Remover Hooks (Twin Pack)
contains 2 different sized hooks to remove ticks of any size.
  • Does not leave the tick’s rostrum in the skin.
  • Does not squeeze the tick’s abdomen.
  • Removes ticks of any size
  • Suitable for use on humans and animals.
  • No need for chemical products.
  • Enables a quick and painless tick removal .
  • Unbreakable, hardwearing and indefinitely reusable.
  • Easily portable.
  • Essential for dog walkers, ramblers, orienteers, runners, mountain bikers, pet owners and anyone who is out and about, especially in the countryside.
Click video to play:

  • Choose the most suitable hook, according to the size of the tick.
  • Engage the hook by approaching the tick from the side (the body of a tick is flat) until it is held. Lift the hook very lightly and TURN then hook (screwing or unscrewing - direction is not important).
  • The tick detaches by itself after 2 or 3 rotations, to come away intact.
  • The tick will still be alive, so don't forget to dispose of it safely. To avoid contamination, do not touch it.The easiest thing to do is to wrap it in a piece of adhesive tape, and throw it away in the rubbish bin.
  • It is normal for there to be a red spot at the bite location, but this should be no bigger than a few millimeters and should not last more that 2 or 3 days. If the red area persists, and/or is growing or is moving, contact a doctor immediately.
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