Compeed Cold Sore Patch

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Compeed Cold Sore Patch is an invisible patch method to discreetly treat cold sores, right through from tingling to healing.
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Compeed Cold Sore Patch

Compeed Cold Sore Patch is an invisible patch method to treat cold sores discreetly and is clinically proven to address the complete cold sore cycle, from tingling to healing. It's an ultra-thin, transparent patch that protects and prevents touching of the area, thereby reducing the possibility of contamination.

Compeed Cold Sore Patch contains Hydrocolloid-075 which promotes the perfect healing environment, preventing scab formation for noticeably faster healing. It heals your cold sore at a comparable speed to acyclovir 5% cream, helping you get back to feeling yourself.
  • Heals Fast
  • Instantly Hides Cold Sores
  • Relieves Pain
  • Reduces Redness and Swelling
  • Reduces Tingling, Itching and Burning
  • Reduces the Blistering and Helps Prevent Scabbing or Crusting
  • Reduces the Risk of Contamination from the Wound

You can use the cold sore patch at any stage of an outbreak. However, it is best to apply at the first sign of an an outbreak - usually a tingling or itching sensation.

Wash your hands before and after applying the Compeed Cold Sore Patch.

Compeed Cold Sore Patches should be used 24 hours a day until the sore is healed. A patch will naturally detach after approximately 8 hours and should then be replaced with a new one.

Don't remove the patch because you want the sore to breathe. This is actually counter-productive and can lengthen the healing process. Keeping the patch on is clinically proven to ensure the optimal healing environment is maintained

  1. Wash your hands. Ensure your skin is clean and dry. Do not use in combination with cream, as the patch may no longer stick to the wound and thus will not provide full treatment benefits.
  2. Remove the arrowed applicator from the wrapper and hold one end in each hand.
  3. Gently pull one end away in the direction of the arrows, exposing half of the patch. Take care not to touch the adhesive side of the patch
  4. Gently press the half-exposed part of the patch onto the cold sore and hold in place.
  5. Hold top side of applicator and slowly peel away downwards, ensuring the patch remains in place and is smoothed to the lip.

How to Remove
If the patch stays on, there is no need to remove it and change it. If the patch does start to detach from the skin it should be removed and replaced with a new one.

  1. To remove the patch, loosen it at the edge.
  2. Use both hands to hold loosened edge of patch.
  3. Stretch the patch sideways, pulling hands apart as it is peeled away.


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