NHS Prescriptions - So How Does It Work?

NHS Prescriptions - So How Does It Work?

Chemist.net is able to dispense your prescription medicines and deliver straight to your front door.

We have made the process as simple as possible, but there are a few simple steps that you will need to follow:

  1. Tell us how many prescription forms you have that you would like Chemist.net to deliver.

  2. For EACH prescription we need to know* (it may be useful if you have the prescriptions in front of you when filling in the form):

    • - The name on the prescription
    • - Number of items on the prescription
    • - Date of birth of the person on the prescription
    • - If the person pays for their prescription(s)**

    You will also have a space to add any notes that you may want the pharmacist to know when dispensing your medication (e.g. please do not use child-resistant closures for my medicines)

  3. You will then be asked to log into Chemist.net (if you haven't already), where you will need to pay any applicable prescription charges. At this stage you will also be asked to confirm the delivery address.

  4. Upon successful payment of your prescription, you will be provided with an order confirmation (onscreen and by email). This will contain:

    • - An order number which starts with CP-. Keep this number safe and be sure to quote this order number on all correspondence
    • - Confirmation of the details you have entered. Please check these details carefully and contact us immediately if anything is incorrect
    • - A freepost address to send your prescription(s) to. Please note that Chemist.net cannot dispatch any prescriptions until the original prescription is received at Chemist.net
You must print your order confirmation and send together with every prescription you have declared to the freepost address that is provided upon your order confirmation.

Once the prescription has been received, your order will be dispensed and dispatched within 1 working day. Upon dispatch, we will send you an email containing your tracking number and the delivery service used. Please be aware that all deliveries will need to be signed for by an adult (over 16).

*Any errors made when inputting details may result in a delay in your prescription being dispensed. Please make sure that you check all of these details thoroughly.**If the person is exempt from prescription charges then further details may be required.