Canikur 4.4g Tablets 12s

Canikur 4.4g Tablets 12s

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Canikur Tablets are a dietary supplement developed for the maintenance of digestive function in dogs.
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Canikur 4.4g Tablets

Canikur Tablets are a dietary supplement developed for the maintenance of digestive function in dogs. They contain specially selected carbohydrates and minerals and help to normalise the body's fluid balance when there is free access to water. Canikur also helps to maintain the consistency of the faeces.

Canikur Tablets can be used alone or in conjunction with prescribed medication from a veterinary surgeon.

Canikur Tablets are chewable and contain meat and liver flavouring. They are highly palatable and will be well received by most dogs.


Give the following number of tablets to your dog, twice a day for 2 days:

Body weight<5kg6-15kg16-25kg26-40kg41-60kg>60kg
Number of tablets123456
Total tablets for 2 day course4812162024

Dogs may be fasted while receiving Canikur. However, it is important that the dog has free access to drinking water. Feed should be re-introduced gradually starting with
easily digestable foods.

For small dogs it may be necessary to break the tablet into smaller pieces. In rare cases, where your dog will not eat the tablet voluntarily, it can be crushed into
powder and suspended in 5ml of warm tap water to form a paste. The paste can be fed directly into the dog's mouth. 5ml corresponds to the empty hole of the
Canikur blister pack once the tablet has been removed.

Alternatively, the dog can be given the Canikur paste by means of a syringe. In this case, the amount of water to be mixed with a crushed tablet should be increased to 10ml. Once crushed and mixed with water, the paste should be given to the dog immediately, and not stored.

If the dog's demeanour deteriorates at any time, contact your veterinary surgeon

Raw materials

Glucose (dextrose), pregelatinised rice starch, citrus pulp, sodium chloride, potassium chloride.


Crude protein 1.5%, crude fibre 3.0%, crude fat 5.0%, crude ash 16.5%, sodium 2.6%, potassium 0.9%.


Kaolin, sepiolite, 1.2 propanediol, lecithin, ethoxyquin, sodium bicarbonate, disodium citrate, natural and nature identical flavours.
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