ScarSil Silicone Scar-Gel 30ml

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ScarSil Silicone Scar-Gel improves the appearance of scars including new and older scarring resulting from surgery, burns and other injuries.
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ScarSil Silicone Scar-Gel

ScarSil Silicone Scar-Gel improves the appearance of scars including new and older scarring resulting from surgery, burns and other injuries. It also relieves the itching and discomfort sometimes associated with problem scarring.

ScarSil Silicone Scar-Gel is easy to apply to all areas of the body and is suitable for use on children as well as adults. The soft and gentle formula forms a transparent, odourless, waterproof, non-sticky film over your scar to aid healing. It allows the skin to breathe and does not cause maceration and the unique matt formula leaves an 'invisible finish'. Cosmetics can be applied afterwards if desired.

Unlike pure silicone gels, ScarSil Silicone Scar-Gel also contains 3 other ingredients to aid healing and care for the skin:
  • Vitamin C: this protects the scar from damaging UV rays and has a positive effect on scar maturity.
  • Emu Oil: Australian aborigines have used natural emu fat to treat wounds and scars from time immemorial. It softens and smoothes the skin and it is this that gives the gel its unmistakable softness.
  • Squalene: This supplies the top layer of the skin with lipids and smoothes and cares for the skin.


  • Apply to clean, dry skin.
  • Apply a thin layer over the scar area and gently massage into the skin.
  • Allow to dry for 5 minutes before covering with cosmetics or clothing or pressure garments.
  • Do not apply too much to the area, if the gel does not dry, remove any excess.
  • Duration of treatment is at least 2-3 months, until scar maturity and improvement.
  • Do not use on open wounds.


97% Silicone-Gel Siloxan, PolySiloxan per 1%: Vitamin C-derivative, Emu-oil Squalene.

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