Canestest Self-Test for Vaginal Infections

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Canestest Self-Test for Vaginal Infections

Canestest Self-Test for Vaginal Infections helps you to find out whether you're suffering from thrush, bacterial vaginosis or another infection and also helps you to decide which treatment is right for you. It is over 90% accurate and takes only 10 seconds to get your results, so you can avoid the hassle and embarrassment of visiting your GP for a diagnosis.

Canestest Self-Test for Vaginal Infections is easy to use and the results are easy to interpret - the swab simply changes colour depending on the infection you may be suffering from. Getting the sample is similar to inserting a tampon and shouldn't cause you any discomfort.

Canestest Self-Test for Vaginal Infections can be used during pregnancy, although if you're pregnant and the swab changes colour, this may indicate amniotic fluid leakage and you should visit your doctor.


  • Unwrap the Canestest swab and make sure the swab tip does not come into contact with anything before you insert it into your vagina.
  • Hold the Canestest swab by the handle and insert the yellow tip into your vagina, rotate the swab and then remove.
  • After 10 seconds check the tip of the Canestest swab to see if the colour has stayed the same or changed to blue/green.
If your Canestest swab didn't change colour after 10 seconds, it means that you may be suffering from thrush. If you have symptoms such as an itchy or sore vagina, or thick, white discharge, it's likely that this is the case.

If your Canestest swab changed colour and the tip becomes blue or green, it means that you may have a BV infection. BV infections are usually accompanied by symptoms such as a thin, grey discharge and an unpleasant fishy smell.


Canestest Self-Test for Vaginal Infections won't be able to give you an accurate diagnosis in any of these situations:
  • If it is less than one day before or after your period.
  • If there are signs that your period has arrived or you have any signs of vaginal bleeding
  • If it has been less than 12 hours since you've had sexual intercourse or used a vaginal douche.
If you're confused by the results or unsure about the right treatment, your doctor can advise what treatment is right for you.

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