Dog owners are reported to be happier than cat owners

Science indicates that dogs are the best once again.

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Dog people and cat people are already pretty smug when it comes to their beliefs. But now we have some new official data to argue why dogs reign supreme – or why dog owners are happier than cat owners.

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People often say dogs are a man’s best friend. What about cats? Maybe it’s because most cats don’t come when you call – even though they know their names.

According to the new survey which is run by social research organisation NORC at the University of Chicago, the exact breakdown: 36% of dog owners surveyed said that they are “very happy”, while only 18% of the cat owners came back with the same answer.

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Additionally, the survey also found that between dog owners and cat owners, it is dog owners that are more likely to be married and own their own home. This has obviously led to marriage and home ownership – both contribute to life satisfaction.

Other research also claimed that owning a dog can lead to improved cardiovascular health and lower blood pressure.

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In my opinion, dogs have several advantages over cats because dogs have to be walked several times per day – they force the owner to leave the house.

According to Bustle, the survey also showed that a higher percentage of dog owners reported having a close relationship with their pet. More dog owners than cat owners responded that they see their pet as part of the family.

However, we’re sure dog owners and cat owners have their own explanations and disagreements with these findings, but we can all agree that pets make life better.

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