Pepdite MCT 400g

Pepdite MCT 400g

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MCT Pepdite is a nutritionally complete powdered infant feed.
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Pepdite MCT 400g

A food for special medical purposes.

MCT Pepdite is a nutritionally complete powdered infant feed consisting of low molecular weight peptides (non-milk derived), supplemented with essential amino acids, carbohydrate, fat (75% MCT), vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

MCT Pepdite can be recommended for use in infants to provide complete nutritional support or as a supplementary feed where there is severe impairment of the gastrointestinal tract and where a high MCT, semi-elemental diet is required such as:
  1. Severe malabsorption where there are difficulties with fat absorption e.g. lymphatic disorders.
  2. Short bowel syndrome following intestinal resection.
  3. Bowel fistulae.
  4. Transition from parenteral to enteral nutrition.
The quantity of MCT Pepdite should be determined by a clinician or a dietitian only and is dependent on the age, bodyweight and medical condition of the patient.
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